New York Times Editorials

by Tsjisse Talsma

A series of editorial illustrations for the New York Times by Tsjisse. 

Britain in the crazed brexit vortexBrexit 

Brexit? Brexit! BREXIT!? The Backstop! Norway plus! Canada Minus? The Cooper amendment! The Malthouse Compromise? The Kyle-Wilson amendment! Hard Brexit! Soft Brexit! No deal? Brexiteer! Remoaner! BREXIT!!?? Aaaargh

We choose our child

Editorial illustration by Tsjisse for The New York Times op-ed section about the ethical case for having a baby with down syndrome.

Lock & Key

Editorial illustration by Tsjisse for The New York Times Open section about the introduction of Lock & Key: A new measure to secure subscriber accounts


The Baby Salad EP’s
Maarten Huizing for The Baby Salad

Knetterijs #1: Newborn

Martinus Beer labels and packaging
Kalle Wolters for Martinus BreweryBOOK
Manifesto of Doubt
Jan Hamstra

Welcome to the Village

Tsjisse Talsma for Welcome to the VillageEDITORIAL
Editorial illustrations
Kalle Wolters for UKrant
The Future of Animation

Jaime Jacob for Little White LiesBOOK
Tussen je oren
Senne Trip for Uitgeverij Prometheus

Lieve Mark
Jan Hamstra

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All artwork copyright Knetterijs