Poetry = mc^2

by Megan de Vos

Megan was commissioned by University Groningen design a series of posters aiming at making high school students enthusiastic about science and art.The content of the posters is developed by four couples of theoretical physicists and poets. After the scientist indicates what appeals to them in a certain formula, the poet creates a poem. The aim is mainly to get a feel for the abstract mathematics and models of current science, and to translate these into an art form. Each poster consists of a formula and a number of lines of poetry. They will be distributed among high schools in The Netherlands.


The Baby Salad EP’s
Maarten Huizing for The Baby Salad

Knetterijs #1: Newborn

Martinus Beer labels and packaging
Kalle Wolters for Martinus BreweryBOOK
Manifesto of Doubt
Jan Hamstra

Welcome to the Village

Tsjisse Talsma for Welcome to the VillageEDITORIAL
Editorial illustrations
Kalle Wolters for UKrant
The Future of Animation

Jaime Jacob for Little White LiesBOOK
Tussen je oren
Senne Trip for Uitgeverij Prometheus

Lieve Mark
Jan Hamstra

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All artwork copyright Knetterijs