The Open Ears Project

by Tsjisse Talsma

Part mixtape, part sonic love-letter, the open ears project is a daily podcast in which people share the classical track that means the most to them and why.

This is a selection of the 31 illustrations that accompany the episodes of season 1. With thanks to creative studio Varyer For New York Public Radio

Episode 28: On patience

Episode 14: On a quiet kind of miracle

Episode 2: On conquering fear

Episode 23: On imagination

Ep 20: On getting lost in a peaceful sadness

Episode 17: On a safe space

Episode 9: On challenging expectations

Ep 22: On just letting go


The Baby Salad EP’s
Maarten Huizing for The Baby Salad

Knetterijs #1: Newborn

Martinus Beer labels and packaging
Kalle Wolters for Martinus BreweryBOOK
Manifesto of Doubt
Jan Hamstra

Welcome to the Village

Tsjisse Talsma for Welcome to the VillageEDITORIAL
Editorial illustrations
Kalle Wolters for UKrant
The Future of Animation

Jaime Jacob for Little White LiesBOOK
Tussen je oren
Senne Trip for Uitgeverij Prometheus

Lieve Mark
Jan Hamstra

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All artwork copyright Knetterijs