Welcome to the Village 2018

by Tsjisse Talsma

Tsjisse illustrated the identity for our favorite festival: Welcome to the village. The illustration is a portrait of the festival through-out a year, starting at the end of the 2017 edition and showing the behind the scenes build up to the 2018 edition. The illustration is full of hints and details about the events and artists that were set to appear at the festival. Design studio BWH used Tsjisse's illustrations to shape the festival identity. Applying the illustrations to wrist bands, cups, sweaters, banners, shirts, maps, flyers, stage decorations. You name it, they did it.


The Baby Salad EP’s
Maarten Huizing for The Baby Salad

Knetterijs #1: Newborn

Martinus Beer labels and packaging
Kalle Wolters for Martinus BreweryBOOK
Manifesto of Doubt
Jan Hamstra

Welcome to the Village

Tsjisse Talsma for Welcome to the VillageEDITORIAL
Editorial illustrations
Kalle Wolters for UKrant
The Future of Animation

Jaime Jacob for Little White LiesBOOK
Tussen je oren
Senne Trip for Uitgeverij Prometheus

Lieve Mark
Jan Hamstra

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All artwork copyright Knetterijs