Douwe Dijkstra

Douwe is our printmaking talent. He has made the art of screen printing his own by continually experimenting with the possibilities of this layer-based discipline, combining intricate textures, line work and patterns to create dynamic scenes. Most of the scenes he constructs are snapshots of fantasy epics, fairytales or history, often with the mysterious suggestion of a larger story. Douwe mostly works within the music industry but also illustrates books and editorial work for a variety of publications.

Selection of clients

Roadburn    |    Hellfest   |    Vera Groningen    |    Paradiso Amsterdam    |    Victorie Alkmaar    |    De Volkskrant  
Algemeen Dagblad   |    Utjouwerij Regaad    |    Forum Groningen    |    Koffiestation 


A series of silkscreen posters designed and hand-printed by Douwe for Roadburn Festival as part of their 2020 visual identity. Douwe designed five posters, one for each day of the festival and a main poster. Together they tell the story of a hero making his journey through mysterious realms.

Vera Posters

Douwe has been working as a screen printer for Vera for the past ten years, designing and hand-printing posters in limited editions. He’ll be celebrating his 100th poster soon! Vera's screen printed posters have decorated the walls of their venue since the 1970s.

Knetterijs is a group of illustrators sharing a collective studio in Groningen. Each member is active as a freelance illustrator, spending most of their time working on individual commissions, but we also take on projects as a group. Knetterijs works on commissions for clients at home and abroad, for a wide variety of media.

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