Senne Trip
Senne’s work is mainly focused on illustration but she also likes to dabble in animation. She uses digital techniques to create dynamic images portraying human figures interacting with dreamlike surroundings. Her illustrations, often aimed at kids, speak to an inherent sense of wonder and adventure, pulling you in through richly coloured environments with a lived-in feel. Senne spends most of her time working on books and commercial projects but also does editorial illustration.

Selection of clients

The Washington Post    |    Politico Europe   |    De Volkskrant    |    NRC Handelsblad    |    Nationale Nederlanden
Nederlandse Spoorwegen    |    Unilever    |    Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken    |    Uitgeverij Clavis    |    Uitgeverij Prometheus 

Blue Banana’s 

Three big illustrations decorating the walls of Blue Bananas Pancake Café in the centre of Groningen. Giving Senne carte blanche in the design department resulted in this wondrous world of wacky characters like an ostrich riding cowboy, a one eyed bear and a pancake-hungry stag. An illustrator's dream job!

Exploring the American Southwest

These five illustrations are part of a personal project documenting Senne’s road trip through the southwestern United States. Through each illustration she endeavours to encapsulate the breathtaking beauty of the national parks she visited during her trip.

Knetterijs is a group of illustrators sharing a collective studio in Groningen. Each member is active as a freelance illustrator, spending most of their time working on individual commissions, but we also take on projects as a group. Knetterijs works on commissions for clients at home and abroad, for a wide variety of media.

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