Tsjisse Talsma


Tsjisse creates his illustrations with analogue imagery, mainly ink, combined with digital techniques. Layering the pieces together and giving them a vivid colour palette, he creates a collage of figurative and abstract elements. Building scenes out of simple shapes and swishes he coaches the viewer through a mix of disorientation and recognition. Tsjisse mainly does editorial work for publications, physical and digital, and illustrations for brands and advertising campaigns.

Selection of clients

The New York Times    |    The New Yorker    |    Penguin Random House    |    The Guardian    |    Wetransfer    Etsy    |    New York Public Radio    |    Boston Children’s Hospital    |    De Volkskrant    |    Paradiso Amsterdam 


Album artwork for Feedforward, the latest project from Rotterdam jazz collective Coal Harbour. The album is a modern fairytale that examines the consequences of endlessly pursuing growth. Tsjisse created artwork for the album cover and booklet as well as animated visuals for their Dutch tour.

Open ears podcast

Tsjisse created a series of 31 illustrations for NPR’s podcast Open Ears. Part mixtape, part sonic love-letter, the project is a place where celebrity guests, including Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Izzard, are asked to share a classical track that is meaningful to them and why.

Knetterijs is a group of illustrators sharing a collective studio in Groningen. Each member is active as a freelance illustrator, spending most of their time working on individual commissions, but we also take on projects as a group. Knetterijs works on commissions for clients at home and abroad, for a wide variety of media.

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